Back in November, when Mike Fallon of the Copake Auction House did such a great job sharing his experience as a collector, we thought we’d ask him to display some of his favorite items at the summer’s exhibit.

We want to display your collection, too. Here’s what we’re thinking:

The summer exhibit will feature a sampling of objects that tell uniquely American and local stories from the RJHS collection as well as from the collections of local folks, including Mike Fallon. What people collect reveal their passions, family secrets, treasured memories, not to mention the desire to pass along to the next generation what really matters.

If you have an item – or whole collection – that you would like considered for the summer exhibit, please contact us. If there’s anything tucked away in your home that you’d enjoy seeing on display, contact us. Since we’re a local historical society, we ‘d like the exhibit to tell a local story. Here’s a list of possible items:

  • Harvey Photographs
  • Products from Local Furnaces
  • Cuyler Williams Paintings
  • Family Bibles
  • Local Pottery and Glassware
  • Veterans: What They Brought Home
  • Immigrants: From the Old County to Our Country

The museum is CLIMATE-CONTROLLED, SECURE, and SUPERVISED. The exhibit will run from late June through Labor Day 2018.

Contact us at!