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Greenwich House CampThe October program will provide an overview of the many summer camps that dotted the Roe Jan Area. This series will lead to a culminating exhibit in the summer of 2015. Though some of these camps still exist today, the first panel will be a discussion about the legendary Greenwich House Camp that operated for many decades on the edge of the Taconic State Park. To be held on Sunday, October 26 at 2 pm, the panel includes several folks who attended or worked Greenwich House back in its heyday. They include Sharon Powers, Flora and Herb Bergquist, and others. At the museum in Copake Falls.

On Sunday, November 9 at 3 pm, Peter Cipkowski will present an Illustrated History of Hillsdale. To be held at the Roeliff Jansen Community Library, the talk is co-sponsored by the Roeliff Jansen Historical Society, Historic Hillsdale, and the Roe Jan Community Library.

The story of Hillsdale’s past is all around us: lost cemeteries, place names with Dutch origins, a giant Civil War monument, stone walls that run for miles through forests, an abandoned toll gate, a lost railroad line, twentieth-century roads that cut through the backyards of nineteenth-century farms.

Peter Cipkowski will tell the story of Hillsdale’s history including its tumultuous origins as a placed called Nobletown when it was disputed between the colonies of New York and Massachusetts Bay. Who were the early settlers of Hillsdale and what brought them here? Who was Roeliff Jansen? How did the village of Hillsdale eventually displace the older settlements that were sprinkled around town?

Peter will also share the stories of some Hillsdalers who loved this place as much as we do – a rogue revolutionary, a slave-owning U.S. Congressman, an enclave of women, and more than a few poets and literary legends.

This talk is an expanded version of a popular, shorter presentation given at Hillsdale’s Historic House Tour in August 2014. Peter’s remarks will include many photographs and maps.

Peter Cipkowski attended Roe Jan School and graduated from Taconic Hills. With master’s degrees history and education, Peter is the author of two books published by John Wiley & Sons and has overseen program and business development at Scholastic, McGraw-Hill and Pearson. He now helps lead an innovative web-based intervention system called Think Through Math. Peter was a member of the Hillsdale Town Board for two terms and, in addition to being Hillsdale’s Town Historian, is president of the Roeliff Jansen Historical Society.
Roeliff Jansen Community Library
Co-sponsored by the Roeliff Jansen Historical Society, Historic Hillsdale, and the Roe Jan Community Library




Greenwich House Camp


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